Volume 9 Edition 1 – Editorial


“Know thyself” quote by Greek philosopher Plato (423 BC –347 BC).


“The essence of knowledge is self-knowledge,” said Plato. The selection criteria for the image makers showcased in each Silvershotz experience are based around this concept. The images created by each photographer in this edition flow from their innermost passions and observations of life around them. The images are expressions from their innermost self-knowledge and because they are true to themselves, the images reflect a unique characteristic of their essence. To stand out in this crowded and highly competitive world, knowing yourself and being yourself will differentiate you from a mindless, copycat world of shallow and fleeting sensationalism.


Submission tips for success


Silvershotz has evolved over a period of 15 years as an internationally respected contemporary photography journal. Few journals have become such an icon in so many countries. The result is that we receive hundreds of submissions every month from most countries around the world. The selection process is based on technical excellence, a themed body of work that is consistent plus a strong concept. There are other considerations, but my main point is that race or religion are never a basis for exclusion, Silvershotz transcends these petty emotions and looks to images created by the innermost essence of the human soul. Read our guidelines and submit work that just may launch your career.


Vote for your favourite photographer


Online digital delivery allows Silvershotz to retain its reputation for quality images and present so many more images than print, plus links to videos on our featured photographers creative processes. There is still something very special about print and many of you have requested we still do a printed edition. Printing and international mailing has become prohibitively expensive so regular print editions are out of the question. However we will do a special Annual edition which will be a collector’s coffee table item you can purchase.

In fact we ask that you participate in the production of this printed Annual edition. On the top bar of each portfolio, on the top right hand side, is a range of social media icons, one of them is a heart which represents a vote button. In each experience released please vote for your favourite photographer by clicking on the heart icon.  At the end of 12 months we count the votes and the top ten photographers as voted by you will feature in the special printed Annual. There is no obligation to purchase a copy, but your vote counts in helping someones career.


Silvershotz attends major world exhibitions


It is always a good idea to put a face to the name and meeting in person key decision makers can greatly help your career.  Silvershotz will be front and centre in the next 12 months to meet and chat with photographers around the world. You can meet us at an exhibition booth just to say hello, or ask a few questions about submissions. Perhaps you would like to book a one hour consultation with me to receive evaluation on your work and guidance on your career. Silvershotz Platinum members receive a 25% discount off my hourly consultation fees.

Join us at the next two major exhibitions:

Fotofever, Paris from November 14th to 16th 2014.

Photo LA, Los Angeles from January 15th to 18th 2015.


See you there.


Enjoy and be inspired


Clive Waring-Flood


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