Volume 9 Edition 5 – Editorial

What is Fine art Photography?


Before I attempt to answer this question it may be useful to know the definition of art as per the Oxford English Dictionary. ‘Art is a human creative skill concerned with imitative and imaginative designs, sounds, or ideas e.g. painting, music, writing or activity resulting in visual representation in which skill can be exercised; as distinct from sciences.’

Silvershotz had the tag line for many years – The International Journal of Fine Art Photography. I was constantly challenged by photographers, curators, educators and galleries about using this tag line because of the varied nature of imagery we published. Anyone who knows me, understands that I love informed debate and to discuss the opinions of others, no matter how much my view may be diametrically opposed. My viewpoint consistently expressed that fine art or artistic photography is an image where there are aesthetic tendencies, the work is more of a personal nature visualised by the creator and has a more evocative, conceptual or atmospheric impression rather than a commercial and accurate rendition of an object or subject.

My conclusion is that in the photography world “fine art photography” has no universally agreed meaning or definition and refers to an imprecise category of photographs, usually created in accordance with sub-groups in academia, auction houses and galleries. Therefore I found that our new tag line – The International Journal of Contemporary Photography – more acceptable by all groups. One word was recently changed to Digital, but because it has different connotations we may revert. I trust that you agree, if not, email me with your opinion, it will be read with alacrity.

Silvershotz-slider-3Submit your work for publication

Silvershotz has evolved over a period of 15 years as an internationally respected contemporary photography journal. In that time frame we have printed and distributed 470,000 journals in 1400 bookstores in 17 countries. With our new APP for the iPad and browsers we will potentially reach many more in the next 15 years. Few journals have become such an icon in so many countries.

Read our guidelines http://www.silvershotz.com/index.php?sc=sm and submit work that may launch your career. The result is that we receive hundreds of submissions every month from most countries around the world. The selection process is based on technical excellence, a strong concept and a themed body of work that is consistent.

Best of both worlds- Digital and Print

Many of our loyal readers have lamented the loss of the printed journal. There is still something very special about print and many of you have requested we still do a printed edition. Silvershotz will produce a special Annual edition which will be a collector’s coffee table item you can purchase. Become involved in selecting the photographer’s who will feature in the Annual print edition.

On the top bar of each portfolio is a heart which represents a vote button. In each experience released, please vote for your favorite photographer by clicking on the heart icon. At the end of 12 months we count the votes and the top ten photographers as voted by you will feature in the special printed Annual.

Online digital delivery allows Silvershotz to retain its reputation for quality images and present so many more images than print. By continuing our policy of no advertising you have just quality images to view – and they do look stunning on large computer screens. In addition we embed links to videos on our featured photographer’s creative processes. In the future who knows what interactive systems we can add on, so stay tuned for an exciting journey.

Visit Silvershotz at The Photography Show in England

Meeting in person key decision makers in the photography industry can greatly help your career. Make sure you meet us at one of the major photography exhibitions and drop in at the stand to say hello, or ask a few questions about submissions, provide us with your feedback and suggestions on how Silvershotz can improve your experience.

The Photography Show, March 21st to 24th 2015

Stand J126 Hall 5 NEC

Birmingham, UK


See you there.

Enjoy and be inspired

Clive Waring-Flood


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