About Us

Silvershotz is a contemporary photography portfolio magazine showcasing the best photographic images from around the world. Curatorial selection is made by experienced editors to ensure international standards are achieved. Immerse yourself in beautiful images and be inspired by themed and conceptual portfolios, plus in-depth interviews, book reviews and videos. Platinum subscribers can access more than 6000 pages of content, 700 portfolios, 150 book reviews and hundreds of technical articles from film and darkroom through to digital and inkjet.


Silvershotz has quickly become the world’s market leader in making the transition from a printed magazine to an online, interactive, dynamic magazine experience for those passionate about photography.


The interactive content allows you to share images on Facebook, and vote for your favourite photographer in each edition. The Top 15 photographers each year, as voted by you, are included in our Annual print edition.


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Silvershotz History

Silvershotz was originally established in 1998 by David Bigwood in Australia. Known as the Black & White Enthusiast, the early photography journal provided articles and tips for those passionate about B&W film and darkroom.


The title was purchased by Clive Waring-Flood in 2002 and renamed Silvershotz in 2004. Design, printing and distribution was moved to Great Britain. Distribution increased to a 12,000 every 8 weeks and sales soared as the journal could now be found in 1400 bookstores in 17 countries. The last printed edition was November 2014 after a total of 470,000 copies distributed in 10 years.


2015 the streaming, dynamic content, interactive photography magazine was launched.