Silvershotz 2012 November Volume 8 Edition 5

Special Features

The Art of Conservation – UK- Corrosion Intercept technology

Auction Report – USA – Stephen Perloff

Black & white Spider Awards

                                                  International Photography Awards

Portfolios Feature

WIPI – Women in Photography International :

Lilyan Aloma – Reflect

Merrie Asimow – White horses of the camargue

Ivy Bigbee – Portraits from Cirque Du Soleil

Jean Ferro – Crystal Slippers

Cathy Greenblat – Love Loss and Laughter

Kathryn Jacobi – The child is the father of man

Joyce P Lopez – Earth

Betty Press – I am because we are

Joanne Scherf – Venus Rising

Wendi Schneider  – States of Grace

Amie Vanderford – from separation to solidarity

 Book Reviews 

Fred Hunt  – What else it is  – Self Published

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